Stretch The Purchasing Power Of The Dollar

Increasing prices of essential commodities and static pay scales are causing serious problems for homeowners, who have to juggle with their monthly purchases, often striking out certain items from their shopping list. However, rather than discarding items that they need from their shopping list, they can stretch the purchasing power of the Dollar with the help of coupons. Almost all websites, including those run by prestigious brand names, nowadays resort to offering special discounts in the form of coupon codes, displayed prominently on the main page of their website. Not only do these coupons help those sites retain their existing customers, it also helps them to increase their client base as information about such coupons spreads like wildfire through word of mouth.

Struggle for supremacy
Thanks to the rapid increase in the number of websites offering similar products, their owners have no choice left apart from sharing a percentage of their profits with their clients with the help of special alphanumeric codes to be used by the client while during checkout, to get a discount off on their bill. Owners of websites also promote their coupons via websites that specialize in offering discount codes to persons visiting their website as well as to subscribers of their newsletters. Typically, individuals will notice an increase in the number of discounted offers during the weekend. Some sites also offer discounts directly. For example, they will offer you one piece of the product free, if you purchase two pieces.

Types of coupons available
There are various types of coupons available, such as those that:
• Provides you special discount on a particular item
• Offers a site-wide discount (applicable on all purchases made from that website)
• First time users (applicable for buyers purchasing goods from a particular site for the first time)
• Card based discounts (coupons that offer discounts if the buyer pays for his/ her purchases through the credit card of a specific bank)

How to use such coupons
• Copy the coupon and paste it in `notepad’ or write it down on a piece of paper
• Shop as usual on the website accepting the coupon
• Paste or type the code during checkout in the field provided, and click on the `apply’ button… you will notice a decrease in the total post successful application of the code.

Using codes offered by coupon specific websites
Visit the website, check the different types of discount coupons available, and select one applicable for the product you want to buy. Certain sites show the codes, along with their expiry date, directly beside the product. Other sites have the code hidden under an opaque colored label. Clicking on the label either reveals the code or redirects your browser to the vendor’s website. In the case of the latter, the code is applied automatically and you need not type them manually during checkout. You can verify this by:

1) Shopping on the vendor’s website directly, view the total and note it down on a piece of paper, and then delete the items from the shopping cart
2) Visit the website offering the discount, click on the relevant coupon, purchase your requirements once your browser is redirected to the shopping site, note the total amount payable during checkout and compare it with the amount you wrote previously. You will notice a difference between the two amounts.

Coupons related to home decor
Are you searching for new curtains, light fixtures, towels, furniture, mats, carpets, or any other items related to decorating your home? You can get massive discounts on all of them by searching for home decor coupons, copying them, and applying the code during the checkout process. A particular site offers coupons that provide shoppers 15% discounts on all products available on a specific site along with free shipping if the total exceeds $49 (after applying the discount).

Coupons for electronic cigarettes
Many coupon code-centric websites offer you e-cig coupons that provide you with the opportunity to avail of special discounts while purchasing e-cigs and its accessories such as batteries and e-juice cartridges. VaporDNA is unarguably the best online store for e-cig aficionados. You can get a special discount on products sold from this site by searching for a coupon for VaporDNA and using it to get exclusive discounts from the site.

You should always check the validity of coupons and the number of `likes’ it has got to using it. This prevents you the headache of searching for a new coupon if the one you applied does not work.

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